University of Cincinnati to Join Big 12

University of Cincinnati

The Big 12 College Network has been around for many years and currently represents 10 different colleges. Athletic directors as well as university presidents have been talking about an expansion to include a couple more schools into the network. In doing this they hope to compete with other rival networks, who have between 12 and 15 schools. Current colleges in the Big 12 Network include Baylor University, Iowa State University, University of Kansas, Kansas State University, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, University of Texas- Austin, Texas Christian University, Texas Tech University, and West Virginia University. Now it seems as though the University of Cincinnati is hoping to add their name and join the Big 12 Network.


University of Cincinnati wants in

Both presidents at Oklahoma and West Virginia would love to add at least two more schools to the Big 12, and Santa Ono wants his school to be one of them. The University of Cincinnati president has been traveling throughout the Midwest to try and get his university into a conference. He hopes that this would help the university to generate an extra $20 million yearly. Ono spoke with The Enquirer stating that he feels optimistic about an opportunity for his university to join the Big 12. Based on additional information obtained regarding the possibility of a Big 12 expansion, Ono and the University of Cincinnati seem to have all the right qualifications.


Big 12 Presidents like Ono

Specifically, David Boren of the University of Oklahoma seems to really like Ono. He believes Ono to be a great leader for the University of Cincinnati. Since Boren is part of the Big 12 subcommittee in talks to expand the Big 12 Network, Ono and the University of Oklahoma might have a great chance of being one of the schools added. Jon Wefald who was the former Kansas State president advised Ono that if he can, get the University of Cincinnati into the Big 12 Network and focus on taking a bit of a financial “haircut”. Ono has also traveled throughout the country to visit with several Big 12 leaders in 2015, and is really trying to get his school’s name out there.


Who is promoting the University of Cincinnati?

Even some popular Fortune 500 companies are promoting the University of Cincinnati to become a part of the Big 12 Network. David Dillon, CEO for Kroger was in talks with several Big 12 presidents encouraging them to look into UC and their upward trajectory. Macy’s Senior Vice President, Carl Goertemoeller, actually met with a business associate who was the cousin of Texas Christian University president. He made mention of the University of Cincinnati in joining the big 12 Network so it could be passed on. You can see Ono has done a great job in getting his friends and acquaintances to help spread the love for University of Cincinnati.


The Big 12 Network Executives have made no decisions regarding expansion, but there are plans in the works to hold a meeting in May. We will have to wait and see if the University of Cincinnati will get their wish in joining the Big 12 Network!