The City’s 15th Police Chief Sworn Into Office


The city of Cincinnati has a new police chief, who was sworn into the position on December 10th. Eliot Isaac was named acting interim chief after previous police chief, Jeffrey Blackwell, was fired in September for not effectively communicating with his staff. After seeing how Isaac handled the role, he was offered the permanent position, which he gladly accepted. Isaac is a 49 year old Cincinnati native and has been working as a Cincinnati police officer for 27 years. He is the perfect candidate for the position.


Public ceremony to swear in Isaac

Eliot Isaac was sworn into office as the 15th police chief of Cincinnati during an afternoon meeting at the Freedom Center. Because of the issues with previous police chief Blackwell, the city developed a survey to give to residents of the Cincinnati area. The survey asked residents what they believe to be the most important considerations when hiring a new police chief for the city. Results showed that residents wanted a police chief who emphasizes department morale and community policing. It was also important that the new police chief be somebody from the Cincinnati department because they know and understand the city. The last two police chiefs were not part of the Cincinnati department prior to taking on the position of police chief. Police union leader, Kathy Harrell, said that the department supported the choice to promote Isaac to the position.


A look at the new police chief

Despite living in Cincinnati for many years, Eliot Isaac was born in Omaha, Nebraska to a military family. Once his family finally settled, they did so in Cincinnati where Isaac graduated from high school and joined the police department at 23 years old. His brother, Bret Isaac, said that growing up Eliot always wanted to be a police officer. He started to show his skills early when he worked as a crossing guard in elementary school. When he first began his career in the police force he was assigned with specialist Scotty Johnson. They were partners 25 years ago when Isaac first began the job, where they worked on the West End of the city. Isaac has a wife and two adult daughters who live in the Queen City. In addition to loving his career in law enforcement, Isaac enjoys listening to smooth jazz, watching football, and going to church with the family. Eliot Isaac is actually the first member of the Sentinels, who represent Cincinnati’s African American police officers, to reach the highest ranking of police chief.


Plans for the new chief moving forward

The first order of business for Isaac as the new police chief is to plan community meetings with city leaders to discuss the top priority of the city, which is to reduce the city’s gun violence and shootings. These meetings will begin shortly after the New Year in January, and continue into February. It seems as though Eliot Isaac has a great backing from city officials, the Mayor, and residents of Cincinnati and will help to improve the Cincinnati community.