Man Shoots Son He Mistakes for a Burglar

father accident shoots son

There are many people who are in favor of guns being available in the home, but others are against it for a particular reason. People are more likely to use their in-house weapon on a family member, by accident, which is exactly what happened to a man in Cincinnati, Ohio. Unfortunately cases like this are becoming all too popular.


Ohio man shoots son

Although his name has not been made public, an elderly man  in Cincinnati accidently shot his fourteen year old son in their home. The son, Georta Mack, was dropped off at a school bus stop by his father, who proceeded to head home. Shortly after he arrived back at his house, he heard a noise come from the downstairs portion of his home. To be safe, he grabbed his .45 handgun. Sadly, when his son jumped out at him the man thought it was an intruder, and shot his son on accident. His son must have went back to the basement around 6:30am, but the reason why was unknown. Immediately following the incident, the man dialed 911 and told the operator what happened. An ambulance came as fast as they could, but Mack stopped breathing. He was taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival, due to a gunshot wound to the neck.


Father left in shock

The man was in utter shock when police arrived on scene. He kept asking his son “Why didn’t you go to school?” Police were told that Mack was having trouble at his school in recent months, which might be a reason for why he headed back to his house instead of catching the bus. The Cincinnati Police and Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office are investigating the shooting to see if any criminals charges should be brought to the man. He was raising his son on his own and the two were said to have close relationship, by their neighbors.


Family shootings a common occurrence

According to a gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, more than 100 children under the age of 14 are killed due to unintentional shootings. Eliot Isaac, current Cincinnati Police Chief, says that even though it is a right to own a firearm, people need to be properly trained on how to use them. This is not the first incidence of a family member killing another family member, and it won’t be the last. On December 29th, 2015, a similar situation occurred in St. Cloud, Florida. A woman shot and killed her 27 year old daughter after mistaking her for a burglar. A similar story broke last year in the month of January in Houston, Texas. A man shot his son in the early morning because he thought a burglar was entering his home.


It seems like communication should play an important role when it comes to situations like this. Yes, people want guns in their home to make them feel safe and protected, but they should utilize gun safety courses, and talk with all family members about gun safety.