Cincinnati Increased Shootings in 2015

It seems that over the 2015 year, the United States has seen an increased number of shootings. There have been hundreds of mass shootings, dozens of police shootings, and an increase in crimes involving guns throughout different big cities. Cincinnati is just one of those cities who had an increase in the number of shootings in 2015. There has been a 28 percent increase of shootings in 2015, and Mayor John Cranley has made it clear that reducing gun violence will be a top priority in 2016.


Cincinnati police statistics for 2015

The number of shooting victims in Cincinnati is at the highest it has been since 2006. According to police statistics, there were 479 shooting victims in 2015, compared to the 510 reported back in 2006. There has been an increase in the number of homicides taking place throughout the city. The number for 2015 was 71, which is nearly 13 percent higher than in 2014. Most gun violence and shootings took place in Avondale, with 52 shootings, and Westwood, with 46 shootings. These kinds of numbers cannot be fabricated and so law enforcement officials are hoping to find out what has caused the outbreak of gun violence in Cincinnati.


Mayor Cranley’s plan to reduce gun violence

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley met with police to discuss how they think the community can help to reduce violence around the city. What they came up with was an idea to target repeat offenders. Cincinnati Police Capt, Paul Neudigate, said the city is going to start to work with federal agencies and local U.S. Attorney’s office to convict felons on federal gun charges. Individuals who have a violent record and are caught using a gun to commit a crime will get the most jail time possible. The Cincinnati Enquirer, a newspaper popular in the city, published information stating that 90 percent of shooting victims in 2015 were male and 90 percent were African American. This trend of gun violence cannot be pinpointed by one single reason, but 2016 is the year the Police Captain hopes will bring change. Some of this change has already taken place. Mayor Cranley said the police department has added over 100 officers over the last two years, and 52 recruits were just sworn in at the beginning of January.


A step in the right direction

Although there was an increased amount of shootings in Cincinnati in the year 2015, there were actually fewer shootings and robberies in some of Cincinnati’s most violent neighborhoods. Half of the city’s top 24 violent offenders are now in jail thanks to the Cincinnati Police Department task force. The Violent Crime Response Team was developed in October of 2015, and say that they have impacted the worst areas of Cincinnati. Without this task force, the number of shootings in 2015 might have been even higher than numbers from 2006. This was the first organized attempt to tackle the violent crime in the city. Hopefully the Mayor and law enforcement officials will continue to keep this positive trend going to reduce the number of shootings for 2016.